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My second Spree Show 6/29/08

Just as awesome as the last.
American Dream
Running Away
Get Up and Go
Hanging Around the Day
It's the Sun
Light to Follow
Guaranteed Nightlite
Tragiverse (YEAH. I KNOW. WHAT?!)
Younger Yesterday
Live and Let Die (cover)
The Championship

Together We're Heavy
Light and Day
Everything Starts at the Seam
When the Fool Becomes a King
Happy Birthday to Rick (violinist)
Then after Tim said his parting words he started an a capella cover of Blackbird.

The show was completely fantastic. Turned my sister into a Polyphonic Spree fan, and all was wonderful. The set, except for a few (Gauranteed, Tragiverse, and Live and Let Die, and Seam) was exactly the same as my first show. But Tim and the rest of the Spree were completely awesome and in to it last night. Amazing. There were SO many people there. This was at Summerfest here in Milwaukee, WI... not really a music festival that pulls in this type of music normally. For example Jack's Mannequin was on at the same time on another stage, and like Tim McGraw is playing later this week. ANYWAY. I was SHOCKED how many people were there to see TPS. And the security personale were getting WAY into it. Actually a couple joined during the night in the pit to watch. Major points for TPS for a supremely AWESOME show. :D

Other notes: no confetti or anything extra special tech wise. and they seemed to be having problems with the flute mic all night long. so i saw a lot of the tech guys running around in the pit.

PHOTOS: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v654/ChudleyCannons31/TPS%20June%2029%202008/ (not all of them are rotated yet, and some are from other things I saw before TPS came on)
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