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My First Spree show (and surely not my last)

Dude. I mean. I don't know if I can fully ever encompass how fantastic tonight was. A friend just recently introduced me to them, what? 4 months ago, maybe?, and, we're all so glad she did. A friend and I saw them tonight. Oh man. Soooooooo good.

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They played a whole lot of the new album (though, no Guaranteed Nightlite or Overblow Your Nest, but, you can't win 'em all). It was two hours of AMAZINGNESS.

So got a set list. Though, the encore was an hour of it's own. It was amazing. I can't say amazing enough. Really. I can't. Let's see if I can list off a percentage of what they played. I didn't take it down, because I don't yet know all the titles to them all yet. I mean really, Fragile Army's only been out for a couple weeks... ha. Running Away, Get up and Go, Fragile Army, Younger Yesterday, We Crawl, Light to Follow, Watch Us Explode, Championship, Together We're Heavy, When the Fool Becomes a King, Lithium, Soldier Girl, Light and Day, Hanging Around, It's the Sun, La La.... that's a pretty big list.

Then, when my friend and I were walking around getting our stuff signed, We were talking to Tim (he's the lead guy) and the other guy at the merch table says to my friend; "did you make that shirt or is Ben Folds selling it?" meaning the I <3'd Ben Folds before he sucked shirt(It's this summer's tour shirt, if you didn't know). And we told him ben's (I'm a big Ben Folds fan, fyi) selling it this summer. and then he asked us if we knew Corn Mo. like duh! do WE know corn mo? (Corn Mo had us on the guest list at a Folds show back in November of 06) and so somewhere in my brain came out; "did you know that Ben Folds is a big fan of you guys?" "what? really!? I'll have to call him and we should do a show together." and so then we explained how Ben wanted to, that's how we knew he liked them is because he mentioned them in the, "we couldn't get polyphonic spree for the cruise" and they never even heard of the cruise (http://www.benfoldsexperience.com even though it's now been canceled/postponed). so. tim wants to make it happen. i would be a-okay with that. there was also a guy there that told tim that he'd see if he can get him booked in the pabst. HELLS YES. I guess they've got a Fall 07 tour that they're booking now. I'm 100% OKAY with that one.

And I just love how much you smile after a show of theirs. man. What a great night.
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