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They rocked my face in Toronto on Thursday.. a truly amazing band.
The following was written in my LJ this morning before work. I was clearly still fangirling (pfft, I totally still am fangirling!):

I know I've said that 'such and such' concert was the best concert ever before but HOLY CRAP the Polyphonic Spree last night made my entire life! GAH! They were absolutely incredible beyond anything. I can't even believe how much awesome they packed into one room.

I don't have much time to write about it because I have to friggen work but here's the gist of it:

I was already bouncing off the wall with excitement because I just knew that I was about to experience something awesome. I have all of their albums, I'm familiar with most of their songs, most of the lyrics.
Together We're Heavy was the first album I bought so I was hoping they'd play a good amount of that one as well as the new The Fragile Army, which rocks my face. I told Jessie beforehand that if they played "When a Fool Becomes King", I will die. That song is 10 minutes of awesome.

So they had a curtain thing that displayed John Lennon lyrics before Tim DeLaughter came and cut it all up: REVEALING 23 MEMBERS OF THE BAND in their respective black uniforms, in their respective places on stage with their instruments. I WENT NUTS.

They're first song was "Running Away", WHICH WAS AWESOME because I was JUST gushing about how awesome that song is and I was listening to it right before I got to the venue.
They did a number or awesome songs and a good mix of all three albums.

They had a small set AT FIRST. I'm not sure how long they played but their "encore" was probably just as long as their show. They came back IN THEIR WHITE ROBES (!) and did their "Lithium" cover (yes, the Nirvana song!), which I didn't think they'd do! BUT THEY TOTALLY DID AND IT ROCKED MY FACE.

THEN.. the last song was.. holy crap.. WHEN THE FOOL BECOMES KING. I could've even believe they were about to play this song. GAH! It was just IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE. I belted out the song and just sung with all my soul. I had tears in my eyes by the end.. it was THAT good.  would've full out cried like a fangirl but I was right in front them and I didn't want to make an ass of myself. I brought my camera too but I was just rocking out way too much at this point. Ahhh so good.

Oh! and I brought FOUR Mr. Smiley Faces. I threw 1 at first, it kept getting in the way of Tim.. he moves around a lot. I threw one at one of the guitarists because that way it wouldn't get in the way of Tim, but the guy ended up throwing it at the front of the stage, thus, getting in the way of Tim. THEN.. I placed the third one with the other two when Tim wasn't looking (I didn't want him to get pissed or anything so by this time, I was trying to be descreet lol). Then the fourth one, I also just placed in front of the fluteist (sp? floutest? ..Girl on flute) before the encore.

Tim shook some people's hands at the end, including Jessie! Later, I brought up that he was the leader singer of Tripping Daisy and she was like "oh yeahhhh!" and I was all "AND YOU SHOOK THIS HAND! Never wash that hand."

So.. almost two hours later.. they were done. They weren't just like "kay, this is our last song.." then played it, then just left the stage. There were many many thanks you's, several bows, so much waving, and group hugs on stage.. best 'good-bye by a band ever.. it was truly sincere.

After leaving the merch table with a Fragile Army LP, a tour program, a tshirt, and a pin.. I noticed a lot of them were putting away their own gear and talking to fans. I ended up saying hello to their chellist (sp? I can't spell these names), Buffi, who was really cool. I just told her that they did a fantastic job, how awesome it was, and that I brought them the smiley faces. She was really cool. Usually when I tell a band how awesome they are, it gets awkward and I want to runaway, but she didn't make it awkward at all and I walked away before it could even get awkward!
On the way out, we saw some other Spree's and told how awesome they were too.

We gushed all the way home.
I'm listening to them right now and I will listen to them on the way to work.

Incubus is next month.. I don't even think THEY will beat the awesomeness of this show, and you know how much I love
those guys.

Best show of my entire life so far. SRSLY!

I'll have more pictures in the future.. I took a lot so I still have to sort through them and such.
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