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7/18/07: El Rey Theatre in LA

The Polyphonic Spree's show in LA was amazing.

I've posted all of my pictures here.

...and will probably write up my experiences in my own journal later tonight or tomorrow. I might cross-post that here, too.

ETA: My personal account of the concert is here. It is long.

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oh i envy you. I love the El Rey theater and polyphonic spree!
It was my first time seeing both. What a trip!
So, I was looking at these pics and I'm thinking to myself, "That was totally my viewpoint." So I followed the link, and then I remembered Labyrinth and then... Sarah! It's Kristi! I didn't even think to ask if you had an LJ or a Myspace of anything! When we left, I was like, too high on the buzz to think beyond getting to the car. And then I woke up this morning and was TOTALLY sad I didn't ask if you had some sort of friendy-type thingie. I'm so glad you posted!

Are you going to the San Diego show!? Was last night not the coolest night EVER!?
Oh my God! Hi!!

I'm so glad that you found me here! I had wanted to do the same but, man, I was so dehydrated at that point that the only thoughts going through my head were, "Water...OMG, the 'Spree... water..."

Oh, man, I WANT to go to San Diego. I'm so tempted. They're not sold out yet, are they?

Are you going to go?

Have you checked You Tube yet? Someone put up some videos, and they were standing almost directly to my right. I can hear myself singing in them once in a while - and I can see myself in one of them, too! I bet that you're in there, right next to me.

I'm so adding you, you know.
I'd kill to go to San Diego! The tickets aren't sold out, but it's a 21 and over show! What I wouldn't give to be a year older for just a few hours tomorrow night! You could go, though! I'd die of jealousy, but you could totally go.

I haven't checked out YouTube, but I will now!

SO added back!
Whew, OK, I finally finished my write-up. It turned into a novel.

There's an age requirement there? Oh, man, that sucks!

I could go, but I really shouldn't. I have some school stuff I need to get done that I didn't do on Wednesday and, besides, gas prices are evil.

I'll just have to see them the next time they come into town. :)
Awesome pictures! I'm glad there are some of Matt (blond trumpet player) cause I have a total fangirl crush on him. I'm glad you had a great time at the show- I hope they come 'round again soon.