Miss K* (kbluefeather) wrote in spreearmy,
Miss K*

Happy 7th Birthday!!

Joy, powerful swells of happiness, dancing and humor filled the Showbox in Seattle, WA last night with the performance of The Spree's performance wiping away any grey clouds we had inside of us.

I was recently introduced to Hold Me Now and got intrigued by the sound and the band aspects of their performances...the messages of happiness and energy wrapped me up so I was one of the many anticipating the release of the newest album. It was far from disappointing.

Performing a cover of any Nirvana song to a Seattle audience is indeed brave and risky, but Kurt himself would have been proud of their rendition of Lithium. It felt like the song was meant to be performed that way.

I would see this tour again for sure - may have to coordinate a trip somewhere if the tour runs for a while. I can see now why the Spree's following is so enthusiastic. The set up of the instrumental and vocal performers is done in a very brilliant way and the musicians are top notch. 

Being their 7th birthday, the audience broke out with the happy birthday song to the band. I'd never seen anything like it.  Such joy radiating through the concert venue and our bodies made me reclaim my love for live music - this was real, composed music with a mission of happiness and joy. So different than so much of the manufactured acts that flood the music scene these days.

Top highlighted performers to me include the adorable, powerful presence of  Audrey (Flute/Piccolo/EWI), Matt Bricker (trumpet), Jennie (vocals, maggie gyllenhaal lookalike), and Buffi (Cello).

I am now officially a Spree fan.  I know they depend a lot on their merchandise sales to get by, so i'm off to their website to see what they have to sell. 

Only comment: the freeze of performers on stage was a little too long and became a bit trite. 
But wow, brilliant performance all around. Bravo and come back to Seattle soon.
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